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About – Ivan Stamatovski

About me

It is hard to define oneself through just a single title. On the other hand, giving yourself many titles may be seen as slightly bold if not arrogant. I will start with pure facts:

I am a digital designer with formal education in Industrial Design (Bachelor’s degree) and Marketing (Master’s degree (candidate 2011)).

Passionate about discovering and sharing new digital horizons I journeyed through roles of Creative Producer, Digital Marketer, Project Manager, Videographer, Film Equipment Designer and Web Designer.

My business acumen fueled all of my digital projects as I tried to build online services that would make a difference in people’s lives while looking for a path to profitability.

Competitive as I am I was actively seeking out challenges and crafted creative business plans and marketing strategies that got me recognition in Merrill Lynch Entrepreneurial Competition (finalist, 2007) and Microsoft Advertising Digital Challenge (second place out of 137 teams world wide, 2009).

Social media always fascinated me and I enjoyed identifying best ways technology connects people and organizes information. How does a video go “viral” on Youtube? What makes one brand’s dialog with consumers more likable on these channels? These are the questions I love seeking answers to.


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