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How to stream live video from an iPhone to your Facebook fan page in 15 minutes – Ivan Stamatovski

How to stream live video from an iPhone to your Facebook fan page in 15 minutes

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Hi there! This is a very exciting tutorial because it will teach you how to use free services to set up live streaming to your FB fan page from your computer or an iPhone in 15 minutes. You will be able to add a custom counter, fan-gate your visitors, embed live chat and show previously recorded videos all for FREE within your FB page!

What is a better example of valuable and exclusive content than your band’s concert, tutorial session or soccer game streamed within your Facebook page. So let’s begin.


What you will need for this tutorial is an account with UStream (online video streaming service) and ShortStack (Facebook tab building service) and a Facebook Page to display the tab on. Also, download UStream iphone app to be able to stream from your phone. You could really use any other combination of a streaming service like LiveStream and Facebook page/tab building service like Involver or Pagemodo.



Step 1 – Prepare your channel for embedding

Log in to your UStream account and navigate to your channel. Below your stream window you will notice this dashboard. Select EMBED tab and choose video size 480 x 296px. Note how your iframe code changes below and copy it. You can click on these thumbnails throughout this tutorial to enlarge them.

Leave this window open and start a new tab in your browser.


Step 2 – Choose the page template

Log in to your ShortStack account and click on templates. We are going to use and customize an existing template to save time. Enter “YouTube” in the search box and click Search. Choose “My Youtube Channel” template. Select: Make Tab button

It is pretty straightforward to edit a template in Shortstack. All available modules are on the left, ones you are using in the middle and a preview is on the right. The modules you are using will look something like this. To enable Fan-gating you will have to select the ones that are seen only by fans or non-fans or everyone. For now select that the top two modules be seen by non-fans only and bottom two by fans ONLY.




Step 3 – Customize the template

Now, let’s start editing the existing modules and adding more. First, select the “Welcome text” module and select edit (little pencil icon). Change the copy to Welcome to my live ___________ (enter your stream name) and add – Please LIKE this page to enter! – and click save.

Add three more modules from the collection on the left by clicking on them – one Counter and two [Code] modules. Slide the counter to the third position bellow welcome text and slide the other two under it.

The Counter should display the time left to your live feed, you can set it up days in advance, it’s super easy. Now, make the counter visible to everyone – fans and non-fans and you should end up with something like this. This is what your non-fans will see when they come to your page (and like it to enter).



Step 4 – Stream window

Tab back to your UShare account. Select the iFrame code from step one and copy it. Click edit on the first module under the counter and paste this code in. This will be your streaming window, make sure – fans only icon is checked, this is your gravy, you don’t want it to be displayed to everyone.

Video Module could be modified to display other videos you have previously recorded like from your YouTube channel (or it could be removed).





Step 5 - Set up LIVE CHAT

Go to your second [code] module below and click edit. Switch to your UStream again and this time select SOCIAL STREAM. Copy the iFrame code and paste it in to the second module.

NOTE: Edit the height in the code to 300 pixels or so, so it doesn't take too much space on your page.

Use live preview window on the right to switch from fan to non-fan view and when you are done editing chose - INSTALL TAB button on the top. 

Choose - QUICK PUBLISH and you will be prompted to log in to your Facebook account and choose page to add this tab to. 

Chose page and hit INSTALL next to it. You are almost done!

If you want this page to be your DEFAULT LANDING PAGE on your account you can change that above. Or just link to it from another page on FB or outside.

And that's it! At scheduled time start your iPhone app and your live stream will show up on your Facebook page. Easy!

NOTE: I chose Ustream because it has an iphone app that allows streaming straight from your mobile phone to your Facebook page. If you want to get a little bit more serious than that, download the Producer app to your computer and use an external camera for broadcast. 

All mentioned services have free options, but if you want to skip pre-rolls and commercials you can always upgrade to paid.

This is just a bare, basic setup to get you familiar with these services, you can always add background graphics or other modules. The limit is only your imagination!

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