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3 apps for scheduling social media updates – Ivan Stamatovski

3 apps for scheduling social media updates

on Nov 06 in Blogroll by

Scheduling services for social media updates are getting more and more sophisticated by the day and there are many options to chose from. Some are free, free up to a point or paid. Almost all of them, however, now include both Facebook and Twitter as well as either OAuth “sign in with Twitter” access or OpenID sign-in. So I will take that for granted in my comparison of my favorite three tools. 

Why do I need update scheduling? – you may ask… Well, few reasons. Sometimes you may want to post a targeted update at a given time of day, but you won’t be at your computer or mobile device. Or you just want to spread them out so your followers don’t think you are spammy. The best and smartest feature that surfaced recently is the ability of these services to analyze the reach and response to your updates and schedule future ones accordingly.

Features you should be looking for when selecting a scheduler:

1. Update stream performance analytics (best if coupled with smart future post scheduling) 

2. Team update management (great for larger accounts with multiple users)

3. Your fave shortener linking (e.g. bit.ly, gives another channel for analysis)

4. Bookmarklet (easy to add interesting content to stream with one click (and some copy editing))

5. Update suggestion (sometimes useful, when you run out of juice and just need to fill in with a trivial tweet)


Timely is the most sophisticated updater I use. What sets it apart are options to select how many updates per day (1,3,5 or 9) you want and if you wish to tweet on the weekend as well. Allows for Bit.ly linkage and team management.

The very smart thing about Timely is that it analyzes your last 199 updates to determine which times of day are linked to best performance. FREE

Buffer App is a very versatile scheduling tool. The thing that is unique about it is plethora of it’s own browser and other app extensions (Goodies). It Also has Bit.ly linkage and easy to use team invitation and management console. Free for one account to $30/month for unlimited


Later Bro – is the simplest of the three. It has a very easy to use interface that let’s you quickly choose date and time of day for your updates and a straight forward bookmarklet to drop in to your browser bar. Easy.

A hidden gem feature is behind the “Your Friends” link at the bottom and will show you all the people you are following that didn’t return the love. This way you can target them politely and reduce your Following/Followers ratio. Free


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