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Social Media Management Tools – Ivan Stamatovski

Social Media Management Tools

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Low hanging fruit of social marketing is gone

It is much harder nowadays to get your audiences’ attention and engage them with your brand because there is just too much going on.

Data is flooding the social media arena and it is becoming increasingly harder to get meaningful insights and act on them. To cut through the clutter advertising companies are looking for creative talent with hard-core quantitative, mathematical and technical skills that poses strong business acumen. Just how realistic is that? Luckily there is more and more sophisticated software being developed to track the conversations, process and visualize data.

If you plan to engage in Social Marketing you need to make sure there are right tools in place for effective listening, analysis and communication. I want to share a few of these that I came across. It is by no means a comprehensive overview of every technology out there, but a list of few that are in my opinion driving innovation in this field.

For sake of clarity, I divided them into (1) all-encompassing large enterprise tier (Radian6, Sysmos, Crimson Hexagon) and (2) platform specific (shoutlet, conversocial, socialbakers).

1 Top tier – Wide coverage of Social Media Landscape

Enable in-depth reporting and analysis of many channels and properties on the internet for conversations surrounding brand or industry. Monitoring of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, Forums and News.

Radian6: Tracks over 100 million social sites, provides in depth analytics and sentiment tracking. Integrated engagement console for responding to activity and blog, Twitter and Facebook updates. Pricing: Monthly subscription service, dashboard starts at $600 a month. Clients: Red Cross, Adobe, AAA, Cirque du Soleil, H&R Block, March of Dimes, Microsoft, Pepsi, Southwest Airlines — a wide range of clients.

Sysomos (Heartbeat): Realtime monitoring and measurement displayed visually in user-friendly graphical interface. Provides a platform to engage with key influencers. It does not restrict number of users per account - task delegation to team members. Pricing: Entry-level price of $500/month. Clients: IBM, HSBC, Roche, Ketchum, Sony Ericsson, Philips, ConAgra, Edelman, Shell Oil, Nokia, Sapient, Citi, Interbrand.

Crimson Hexagon (ForSight): Accesses billions of conversations and turns them into actionable data. Based on technology licensed from Harvard it claims to be able to determine quantitative proportion of opinion. Pricing: Based on number of seats or number of searches. Clients: CNN, Hanes, AT&T, HP, Johnson & Johnson, Mashable, Microsoft, Monster, AdWeek, Thomson Reuters, Rubbermaid, Sybase, the Huffington Post, A&E, the Wall Street Journal.


2 Platform specific – few most relevant Social Websites


Shoutlet: Facebook, Twitter and Youtube

Even though in these three platforms for your social media management and publishing it is a very versatile service that covers a number of other websites and touch points. It is best described as a cross between listening, analytics, publishing, advertising and customer care platforms.

Its features include buffering of content publishing, custom page creation, promotion and ad design and powerful analytics. It is truly unique service worth investigating. Pricing: Unknown Clients: American Family Insurance, Truck International, Perry Ellis, Norwegian Cruise Line, Scotts, Fiskars.

Conversocial: Facebook and Twitter

Integrated social customer service, scalable customer care. Allows for discovering customer service issues and delegating agents to respond. Tracking responses. Pricing: Free starter account up to $299 for enterprise. Customers: Groupon, Mediacom, La Redoute, River Island, ITV, Tempero, Net-A-Porter.com

Social Bakers: Facebook

Get information on your key influencers and track engagement over time. Find best performing content. Monitor competition track non-owned pages. Manage newsfeed through calendar. Pricing: Starts at $50 for 1 FB page up to $1000 for 100 FB pages (monthly) Customers: Leo Burnett, Nokia, Ogilvy, Vodafone, Nike, Kraft Foods, Unilever.

TwentyFeet: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Bit.ly, My Space (?)

And lastly I have to mention my fave “egotracking” service Twenty Feet. It will organize and display your stats from above mentioned social websites, but you can also plug-in your Google Analytics and get statistics in the email on regular basis. Maybe best feature is that you can see who are your new followers, but also “un-followed” you and take appropriate action. Pricing:  One account free forever and you buy credits as much as you need. Customers: Unknown

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