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Like QR Codes? Make sure you have a MOBILE landing page – Ivan Stamatovski

Like QR Codes? Make sure you have a MOBILE landing page

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As Quick Response codes gain popularity and increasing number of  businesses and individuals use them as gates to information one thing is sometimes overlooked. Chances are most, if not all, of your QR visitors will access your website via some sort of mobile device.

So to avoid astronomic bounce rates you better have optimized experience for those viewers. This is especially important if you have rich media on your pages – there is no way to predict what will that look like on a mounting number of mobile devices. Fortunately it is becoming increasingly easy to turn your existing website page to mobile or build a mobile site without knowing any coding whatsoever. Whether you are a company or individual using QR to promote your brand here is how you can do it with minimum hustle.


Mobile Page Architect

My service of preference is Wapple as I use WordPress for my website and it is very easy to use with ton of customizing features (www.wapple.net). You can mobilize your existing website or page by installing a simple WP plugin or easily build it from ground up using their intuitive Canvas application.


First order of business however – think about your goal. What do you want to achieve or what message do you want to transmit? Chances are again, your audience is also mobile, they are accessing your site on the run and have limited attention span or want to achieve specific results.

Your mobile layout needs to make these results immediately accessible. Single column layout works best on mobile devices and it needs to be fast and lean. However keep your brand identity and make the mobile version recognizable by sticking to your brand elements (logos, color schemes, fonts).  Just Ask these questions:

  •  - What is the most essential information about me, my service or product?
  •  - What do I want my visitor to do when she/he loads that page? (call-to-action, contact, links, media)
  •  - What else would they need/want to see? (clear navigation)

Lastly – do not forget to include a link to full version of the website!

 Go The Extra Mile

Screen sizes on mobile devices vary widely. If you really want to put your best foot forward regardless of the device you can make different mobile versions (your mobile site may not do you justice on a 8″ screen).

You can leave the device recognition to plugins available for different CMS platforms that automatically forward your visitor to the proper iteration of your mobile website.


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