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Zero Moment Of Truth (ZMOT) – Ivan Stamatovski

Zero Moment Of Truth (ZMOT)

on Aug 22 in Blogroll by

is a great free e-Book (if not a little self-serving) by Google’s Jim Lecinski (Managing Director, US Sales & Service) that lays out the changes in consumer behavior in the digital age. It is enhanced with very well produced interviews with people from the industry talking about the subject.

The name is a spin on P&G’s First Moment Of Truth (FMOT) that refers to the seven seconds after a shopper first sees store shelf with products from different brands.

It reveals how much power there is in the ability to capture customers attention even before they get to the store. This happens online, via any connected device imaginable, millions of times every minute. Brands that can position themselves to be in the right place at the time consumers are making purchase decisions can benefit tremendously from ZMOT.

The book is very well documented with everything from graphs to heat maps and research data just like you would expect something coming from Google to be. My favorite chapter is the one talking about the rise of importance of video in brand value communication.

I recommend it as a fun and easy read for the summer to any digital marketer and/or strategist.

You can download it for FREE here – http://www.zeromomentoftruth.com/


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