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Microsoft Advertising Digital Challenge – Ivan Stamatovski

Microsoft Advertising Digital Challenge

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When I enrolled into graduate business school in 2009 I heard about Microsoft Advertising Digital Challenge competition and decided to take my chances.

The Project:

Create a marketing plan for a Microsoft product called Office Live and present it to the jury consisting of Microsoft executives. Budget: $3MM, required sign-ups: 5 milion users 

The Team:

My team of five was assembled at the first briefing at Microsoft offices on sixth avenue.  We barely knew each other, but shared a passion for digital marketing (and brownies in the back of the room). I took initiative to be a team leader and organizer and it was a great challenge since I personally haven’t known any of the team. Everyone turned out to be very professional, smart and on-the-ball, it was a pleasure working with such driven team.

The Proposal:

We worked hard and stayed late, deadline for the first round was 2 weeks. There was 3 rounds and 137 teams from all over the country. We we were going to be judged on our ability to identify the opportunity, execute strategy, teamwork, creativity and understanding of Microsoft’s business objectives. Our plan showed the best utilization of social networking,  search marketing, display, mobile, in game advertising and more. We even filmed a short movie to bring our point home. We rehearsed our presentation until it was flawless.

In the end it came down to two teams – us and a team from the University of  Oregon and the jury had a difficult time deciding. They deliberated for a long time and in the end decided to give the grand prize to the visiting team.

And this was our video produced for YouTube channel with Adrian and Jonathan!

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