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Listening in on the buzz – Ivan Stamatovski

Listening in on the buzz

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I am not going to repeat that to get to really know your market nowadays you just have to start listening in on the buzz.  Problem is, there is a million people talking and you need a way to cherry-pick relevant information or people to follow.

Old school

Back in the early days of twitter there were no apps that would sort this out for you and unless you were a programmer it was difficult to dissect twitter feed and save the relevant info in a meaningful way.

That’s when I found Yahoo Pipes  , a little talked about project by Pasha Sadri, Ed Ho, Jonathan Trevor, Kevin Cheng and Daniel Raffel released in 2007. It is a “…a hosted service that lets you remix feeds and create new data mashups in a visual programming environment.” — Official Yahoo! Pipes Blog.

Pipes were very good at creating an RSS feed from Tweet Search that can be formatted the way I want and emailed to me on daily basis. What can I tell you, it was a goldmine! I still visit occasionally when I need a super-custom search on Twitter.

Today I mostly use Twilert to get daily updates on topis I am following. It has very well designed, easy-to-get-around interface and it is pretty customizable. However, in this day and age it’s not enough to get updates only daily so I use TweetDeck with few search columns always open and updates every 60 seconds.

Is it distracting?


It’s beautifully distracting…

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