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The man who invented the JetPack – Ivan Stamatovski

The man who invented the JetPack

on Apr 10 in Blogroll by

I was a stereographer recently on a 3D shoot that involved setting up a 21st Century 3D SxS rig on a  helicopter mount, flying over the Mexican border from San Diego (!?!?!) and shooting an off-road race in the Baja desert. It was my first time flying in a helicopter and I was a little anxious about that, but we filmed some phenomenal shots of Baja 500 and it was wild!

Production company was Langley Productions, the creators of the longest running reality show COPS. They had three of their own cars in the race and both John Langley and his son were participating in the race. It is supposed to be a part of their next stereoscopic project ROADWARRIORS 3D.


Who is Nelson Tyler?

So, to even consider mounting a camera (let alone a 3D camera) on a helicopter you need a gyro-stabilized camera mount.

To prep for this shoot I went to Los Angeles and took 21st Century 3D camera to Tyler Camera Systems. The plan was to test out – Major Tyler Mount. It is an invention  that makes shooting out of helicopters at all possible.

But, what I didn’t know was that this was a company owned by Nelson Tyler, the inventor of the jetpack flown by Bill Suitor, who flew Mr. Tyler’s pack at the opening ceremonies of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, landing amid a sea of giant balloons in front of an estimated TV audience of 2.5 billion people. (link)

… and the jetpack was right there, retired in the corner of the shop, abandoned and lonely piece of pure awesomeness…  every geek’s dream…


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