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Knife-proof the camera… and ACTION! – Ivan Stamatovski

Knife-proof the camera… and ACTION!

on Feb 10 in Blogroll by

ESPN’s E60 crew chose 21st Century 3D to shoot a 3D “short” about The Great Throwdini.

It was my first HI-SPEED shoot as a Stereographer. The amount of llight we needed for these hi-speed cameras was incredible, lights totally maxed out house power capacity at Hofstra University stage. We were using 2 Phantom HD Golds to capture it in 3D  at 1200 frames per second.

Exploring our options for the most dramatic slo-mo, knife-in-your-face, 3D shot we experimented with mirrors and thick plexy right in front of the camera.

The results were just stunning! Take a look at the finished piece that is playing on ESPN 3D and behind the scenes video of the shoot:

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