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Website Re-Design Case Study – Ivan Stamatovski

Website Re-Design Case Study

on Dec 10 in Blogroll, Portfolio by


It’s good to have a good marketing plan to study before you get into website re-design, but even before getting too serious with business side here is some common sense advice:

Your home page is like your own first impression, what people see before they get to know you. You want to give them enough of a reason to want to know you better. If it is your company’s landing page you want to offer what your customer is looking for so they don’t “bounce” off.

Always show your best face – CMS platforms provide most flexibility in terms of keeping your website current and up to date with news, blogs, other people’s content, etc.  An example is a nice WordPress website that is easy to maintain and quick to update. Having a static website is so 2005…

Navigation – Is just a text link enough to tickle someones fancy or even get noticed? C’mon, that is as lame as a Tweet without a link or hash tags.  How about a thumbnail to hint what is hiding inside? Pepper it with a recognizable brand’s logo and it will draw attention even more.

Contact – Self explanatory, still there is a lot of websites out there that really make you fish around to find this info. ( And I don’t mean just Ebay).

Call to Action – Remember how they got you to buy that Shamwow in your closet? They kept saying CALL NOW! It does miracles. No seriously, Call to action in web UX is an element that needs to solicit an action from the visitor, usually a clickable button. Here are some best practices by Jackob Gube.

Social Sharing Links/Icons – Someone may want to share that they found your product/service with their friends – give them a one-click option to do that. Also, the more share-worthy info you have the more publicity you will get.

Track Activity – Google Analytics is FREE! Doh! It is easy to install and will provide you with a wealth of information about who comes to you website, where form, when, etc. Very useful once you learn to dissect the data it spits out.

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